Personal Motion Tracking App

A DSAP base for motion tracking apps
With origins in the simple react app before DSAP, and before that going back to 2011, the mature product line is a fully generalized redvant app base with x-platform support for personal and health tracking which can be rapidly deployed in apps concentrated on elaborating specific areas of refinement such as carbon accounting, sleep tracking, etc.

Normal Users

Personal Carbon Accounting Domain (GT2 2.1 and later)

The purpose in use of the greentravel domain is to make a complete, high quality and useful carbon accounting base for individuals and DS groups. The current public suffix is .app but this will change by April 2025 and it's possible there won't be a public replacement .

Bike Dashboard

A simple base stand alone free bike dashboard with cloud personal data storage as a feature for minimum AKPERSON entitlement.

DevOps Users

All of the apps in this product line have generic bases which DevOps users can use to create new end apps.