Sameboat Classifieds

(this page is IT oriented)

Sameboat classifieds is the central feature of the Sameboat Local Dir Story.

Since the concept is to make a classifieds function available within the C-Liu/SB group context with a focus on local control of the function at the base software level, only as much as is needed to make the prototype sites: commons, bufyyz, seayvr, and ready to begin the process will be completed by me.

Commons is different from the regional geonodes as its community (IRC) is one primarily of developers and thus the text of the previous paragraph applies fully. OTOH, the general public in northern North America is that of the first 3 regional geonodes requiring that they be brought to a level fully usable by non-developers already setup and no more difficult to use than craigslist except where function that doesn't exist in conventional web properties open to the public begins.

Additionally, the knowledge engineering elements of my domain space will be present from the start in commons and linked in classifieds for at a minimum explanatory help. Later after they reach a level of stability and maturity they will be deployed to the three first line geonodes.

Status of the classifieds cluster

(change domain if not on commons)